9 Key Ways

Vacumetrics Keeps your Helium Leak Detectors Up and Running at Top Performance

  1. Ebara-EVIn-depth Experience. Vacumetrics Corp. has over 20 years’ experience trouble-shooting, repairing, and servicing most name-brand leak detectors. We understand their temperamental nature and we know how to make them run at peak performance.
  2. Customer service with a personal touch. Vacumetrics is sensitive to your problems. When your leak detectors stop working, your production line stops cold. It’s not just a problem; it’s an emergency that must be dealt with quickly. We are devoted to exceeding your expectations by delivering the most responsive customer service in our industry.
  3. Trouble-shooting by phone and on-site. Sometimes our service technician can identify the problem over the phone and tell you how to fix it. If phone support isn't enough we'll send a technician to your location anywhere in the New England area for on site service. In addition, from around the globe we accept shipments to our facility for repairs.
  4. Lower priced services than your manufacturer. We don’t have the same overhead costs. This allows us to pass savings on to customers.
  5. Faster turnaround on repairs than manufacturers traditionally provide. We move quickly and avoid unnecessary red tape and paperwork. Simple problems are taken care of right away.
  6. We sell new and pre-owned helium leak detectors and parts.
    We provide unbiased recommendations about which leak detector will better suit your needs.
  7. Preventive maintenance support plans and custom tailored service programs to keep your leak detectors in optimal, running condition.
  8. Calibrated leak re-certification service. Vacumetrics recommends that you have your leak detector re-calibrated annually to ensure optimum performance, accurate readings, and avoidance of downtime. We also provide a re-certification service that meets the standards set by N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards and Technology).
  9. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! Vacumetrics has successfully established a solid and growing customer base. As the company moves forward we will remain dedicated to customer satisfaction and the strong core values that built the foundation for our success: Honesty, Integrity and Trust.