Service & Repairs

Vacumetrics Corp provides on-site services for companies in New England. Leak detectors can be shipped directly to us for prompt in-house servicing from anywhere in North America. If you are located outside of the New England area and prefer on-site services, at your facilities, we will be happy to refer you to one of a select group of experienced technicians in your area.

Preventive Maintenance Plans

Vacumetrics Corp offers a variety of maintenance plans designed to prevent costly down time and keep your leak detector in optimal working order:

1. Full Coverage Agreement. This plan provides 100% bumper-to-bumper coverage of your machine, regardless of what needs repairs or replacement.

2. Flat-Rate Agreement. We overhaul your machine once a year (One PM Overhaul) or twice a year (Two PM Overhaul)

3. Custom Agreement. We create a personalized maintenance plan that covers the specific needs of your situation.

    Calibrated Leak Re-Certification Service

    Vacumetrics Corp recommends that you have your leak detector re-calibrated annually to ensure optimum performance, accurate readings and avoidance of downtime. We also provide a re-certification service that meets the standards set by N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

    Pump Rebuilding

    We specialize in Varian and Acatel/Adixen pumps. Our pumps are rebuilt to meet OEM specifications and come with a 6 month warranty. We provide pick-up and delivery in local areas. We have an excellent turn around time. We provide a convenient, reliable and cost effective solution to your pump rebuilding needs.

    Circuit Board Repair and Rebuilding

    We have an exchange option that is very appealing. Our circuit boards are rebuilt to OEM specification, upgraded to most recent revisions, fully tested in a leak detector and all components that commonly fail are replaced.

    Leak Checking

    We will bring our leak detector to your site and assist you with whatever leak checking needs you may have.

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    Health and Safety Form: Form must be filled out if product is being sent in for repair/exchange and all field service requests.

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