(LD-NEW-JSVA00A2ML9A) ASM 340, 110/130 V and US power cable, configurable I/O interface board

  • Powerful rotary vane pump with 15 m3/h backingpump capacity
  • 2.5 l/s helium pumping speed
  • 110/130 V operating voltage, US power cable
  • Customizable and detachable operator interface
  • Integrated SD card for data processing
  • Fully configurable I/O interface (37 pins D-Sub) to fit to customer needs
  • Wired or wireless remote control and sniffer probes available as accessories
Backing pump capacity 15 m³/h
Detectable gases 4He, 3He, H2
Flange (in) DN 25 ISO-KF
I/O interfaces 6 Digital inputs (Allocated functions configurable); 3 Analog outputs (Configurable : Helium signal log, Mantissa, Exponent, Inlet pressure); 5 Relays outputs (Allocated functions configurable); 4 Transitor/open collector outputs (Allocated functions configurable)
Interface RS-232, USB
Max. inlet test pressure 25 hPa
Minimum detectable leak rate for helium (sniffing leak detection) 5 · 10-10 Pa m3/s
Minimum detectable leak rate for helium (vacuum leak detection) 5 · 10-13 Pa m3/s
Noise level 54 dB(A)
Operating temperature (hard vacuum test) 0-45 °C
Operating temperature (sniffing test) 0-35 °C
Power consumption max. 850 W
Protection category IP 20
Pumping speed for He 2.5 l/s
Start-up time (20°C) without calibration ~ 3 min
Supply 110-130 V, 50/60 Hz
Test method Vacuum and sniffing leak detection
Warranty: Year(s) 2
Weight 56 kg | 123.46 lb


**Spare parts are non refundable and non returnable. Approximate 1-4 week lead time if unavailable in our inventory. Manufacturer lead times may vary.

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