Component Specification
Minimum detectable helium leak rate (ultra fine vacuum mode)  <5 x 10-12 atm.cc/sec
Minimum detectable helium leak rate (sniffing mode)  5 x 10-8 atm.cc/sec
Maximum inlet pressure  25 mbar
Inlet helium pumping speed
(ultra fine mode)
 2.5 L/sec
Roughing pump capacity 8 CFM Scroll Pump
Inlet test port configuration  NW25
Detectable gases  He4, He3, and H2
Start-up time  < 3 minutes
Response time  < 0.5 seconds
Ambient operating temperature  50° F to 96° F
Operating voltage (single phase)  115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Approx. weight (bench-top model) 100 lbs.*
Approx. dimensions (bench-top model) 22" L x 18" W x 12" H*
Interface RS232 or RS 485, Analog Output